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Hi, I'm Erwin

Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs work with me to learn how to adapt to an ever-changing environment, so They can become inspired, and empowered to consistently grow their dream business.

Helping You to develop Your very own personalized strategy to structure Your business and life in a harmonious and creative way is what I do best.

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Would you like to become empowered?

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Work with me on your personalized strategy  and develop your very own Creative Structure, so you can become empowered again.


Ready to invest in yourself?


Kickstart developing your personalized strategy in one of the most spectacular locations in the world, and join like-minded entrepreneurs on this powerful coaching retreat.

Ready for your adventurous journey?

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Success Stories

“It has been a great experience working with Erwin as my Ccoach who supported me in my leadership challenges by building a good foundation of trust. It was empowering to be able to identify specific steps I could take to change my approach in my leadership and my life."

Dr. Tolga Hayali
Leadership, Career and Life Coach

New York, USA

Is this You?

If you are a small-medium business owner, solopreneur, freelancer, coach or consultant you are in fact an entrepreneur.

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You are an entrepreneur because:

  • You apply an entrepreneurial mindset regardless of whether you run the entire company, are self-employed or have entrepreneurial activity done alongside your main job.

  • You are a highly skilled professional who has freely chosen to powerfully share your mission with the world, because you love working and connecting with people.

  • Yet, You are constantly challenged and exposed to an ever-changing personal and professional environment, and It often makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and insecure about what to do next.

You know that You have a great potential, You have Your mission that You want to share with the world, but You don't know how to effectively structure your business and life so You can adapt to rapidly changing market environment to consistently grow your business.

Along my own journey as an entrepreneur I realized that there are two main aspects that stand in the way of people’s personal freedom.

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You are exposed to stress all the time. What you might not know is that, often, Your short-term stress accumulates over time and leads to burnout.

No one said being an entrepreneur and running a business is easy, and If you do not take control over your stressors before they take control of you, you might be experiencing big challenges in your business, relationships and health.



To survive as an entrepreneur, you must adapt. Everything is ever-changing, and so are you, and to adapt means to take control of your life by structuring it in a harmonious and creative way.

Perhaps now change is more dynamic and complex than ever before. People talk about change as if it is just a one-time event, such as when saying “times have changed”. But change is constant, It’s simply evolution.

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You might lack the strategy and tools to adapt to an ever-changing personal and professional environment. You might also lack self-esteem or courage to face this challenge on your own. 

You have already tried different online programs and strategies, but You have hardly finished them, because without a master plan, without consistency, and without real life support, it only makes You feel alone and drained from Your resources, time, and energy.

The truth is that without real human support You will be still buying another online program, blueprint, or formula, exploiting your resources, time, and energy to the maximum. This might make You feel:

  • Powerless and tired because you don’t know how to effectively meet all your daily demands at work, home and in relationships with people in a harmonious way

  • Overworked because you have so much on your to-do list and want to be efficient but you get distracted and lose focus and momentum

  • Overwhelmed by handling everything by yourself but not knowing how to create an effective personal structure to get all things done throughout the day

  • Frustrated by living the same day on repeat every day and not having enough quality time for yourself

  •  Unworthy because if you are an expat entrepreneur you need sometimes to perform at a higher level just because you have a different nationality background

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Now Imagine

Imagine a life where you feel fulfilled, have great relationships, experience amazing adventures, and become financially independent doing something meaningful that you love. 

Imagine You dare to trust Yourself and become focused, grounded, with clarity, action plan, and accountability partner so You can achieve Your independence and freedom.


Imagine becoming authentic, transparent, and free-spirited but with structure securing execution of Your vision, taking off thinking what to do next.


How would Your Life Change If You…?

Become crystal clear about your vision and what you can offer to the world.
Structure your life to regain harmonious distribution of your time and energy
Enjoy your active lifestyle, experiences, and adventures without limiting health issues
Connect with like-minded people so you could better adapt to uncertain times
Feel stronger, more confident and certain about yourself, and live your life on your own terms
● Achieve greater harmony, self-awareness, and peace for yourself, your relationships and your business
Feel powerful, brave, and open to new possibilities so you speed up your results
doing what you love

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The best way to become an Empowered Entrepreneur is to take control of your life by structuring it in a harmonious and creative way and then adapting as you personal and professional life changes with time.

Adaptation is like adventurous journey of climbing the mountain

To successfully reach your summit by adapting to high altitudes and then safely getting back to the basecamp, You will need key elements of your external  and internal environment to work together.

In your external environment, you need the proper weather conditions, quality equipment, and a reliable guide.

In your internal environment, you need the best version of yourself in the best possible condition. 

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In fact, I also experienced becoming inspired and empowered similarly to conquering a mountain, but I wish I could have earlier found a guide to partner up with on my own journey.

And that’s exactly what I do for my clients today! 

Partnering up with entrepreneurs  like You, and empowering You in developing Your very own personalized strategy, so you can consistently grow Your business is my mission today.

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Success Stories

“Erwin is a thoughtful and experienced coach who helped me move forward and bring structure to my thoughts. I strongly recommend him if you are at a period in your life where you are experiencing changes and wanting to make sense of them.”

Anne-Lise Saint-Gerand
Leadership role in a global company

Germany/ France


Here's How I can Help You

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Work with me ONE-on-ONE

This is for you if you are looking for a proven process and reliable guide to partner up with on developing your own personalized strategy so You can become inspired and empowered to consistently grow you business.

You will have my personal attention, and I will hold your hand along the way. I’m particularly skilled in working with non-native English speakers, and I make an effort to ensure that your thoughts are not lost in translation.

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Join Our Coaching Retreat

Imagine what it would feel like to change your current environment to one of the most spectacular locations in the world and reconnect with yourself, nature, and other like-minded individuals.

Our coaching retreat is for you if you are looking for a safe space  far away from your current reality, to explore yourself, and kickstart your adventurous journey of developing your personalized strategy.

You will be supported by a proven process in a group setting with a reliable guide and like-minded entrepreneurs. We have created this place for you in the amazing Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway.

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