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Hi, I'm Erwin

Freedom-driven & Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs work with me to Simplify their Business and Life so that they can become Inspired, Elevated and Empowered to create the Freedom Lifestyle they love while growing Multiple-Projects simultaneously. 

Helping You to develop your very own personalized strategy to creatively structure your business and life harmoniously is what I do best.

About You

If you are a Multi-Passionate Business Owner, Solopreneur, Freelancer, Coach, Digital Nomad, Yoga Teacher, or simply Heart-Based Entrepreneur, you are in fact doing what You are doing, to create Your Freedom Lifestyle.

Is this you?

  • You have a great vision around your passion and core competency.

  • You apply an entrepreneurial mindset regardless of whether you run the entire company, are self-employed or have entrepreneurial activity done alongside your main job.

  • You are a highly skilled professional who has chosen to powerfully share your mission with the world, because you love working and connecting with people.

  • Yet, You are constantly challenged and exposed to an ever-changing personal and professional environment

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Your challenge 

The problem for many Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs, is that you are inspired about sharing your mission with the world, but you feel that daily personal and professional commitments are draining your time, energy, creativity, and inspiration.

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As a heart-based Mutli-Passionate Entrepreneur who loves to grow your business in-line with your passions, values, and beliefs you might struggle with organizing and managing your business and life in rapidly changing environments.

You wish You could spend most of your professional time on serving your clients, improving your skills, and growing your business, but in reality you are spending it on the admin work that has to be done anyway.
You want to delegate this admin work to someone else, but you are afraid to lose control. You believe that an outside person will not have the same heart for your business as you do.

So You feel you should do this work by yourself anyway, but You do not have the energy, motivation and strategy to do that effectively on your own, and you quickly feel disempowered.

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The truth

You can have all the skills and desire to powerfully serve your clients, but unless you have a clear and simple strategy to effectively simplify and structure all your daily personal and professional commitments, the overwhelm will burn you out.

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What you really want

is a life where you feel fulfilled, have great relationships, experience amazing adventures, and become financially independent doing something meaningful that you love.

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Now Imagine

You dare to trust Yourself and become focused, grounded, with clarity, action plan, and accountability partner so You can achieve Your independence and freedom.

You are becoming authentic, transparent, and free-spirited solopreneur but with structure securing execution of Your vision, taking off thinking what to do next.

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How would your life change if you…?

Become crystal clear about your vision and what you can offer to the world.
Structure your life to regain harmonious distribution of your time and energy
Enjoy your active lifestyle, experiences, and adventures 
Connect with like-minded people so you could evolve and grow together
Feel stronger, more confident and certain about yourself, and live your life on your own terms
● Achieve greater harmony, self-awareness, and peace for yourself, your relationships and your business
Feel powerful, brave, and open to new possibilities so you speed up your results doing what you love

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The solution is simple

When you set all Your personal and professional commitments in a simple strategy, and then you put this strategy on autopilot, the magic happens.

This strategy is called Creative Structure. It gives you a framework of principles that you can fill up with a set of practical tools for your personal situation and complex environment.

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As a result

You develop a harmonious distribution of your time and energy but with flexibility to easily modify the components of your structure as your personal and professional life changes.

When you do this there is no more boring admin work or fulfilling other people's expectations that are stealing your precious time from this ONE thing you would love to do instead.

You could finally

  • read more, learn more, practice more and grow every day.

  • spend more time with your loved ones, have fun with Your kids, and visit family. 

  • go out with friends and enjoy a night out with a huge amount of energy and vibe!

  • relax from your work with a good feeling of accomplishment and perhaps invite your team for dinner.

  • Or set the course out of town to enjoy outdoor life and nature so You can recharge your batteries.

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Become an empowered entrepreneur

It is like adventurous journey of climbing the mountain. In fact, I also experienced becoming inspired and empowered similarly to conquering a mountain, but I wish I could have earlier found a guide to partner up with on my own journey.

It’s all possible

When you have a strategy to follow and a guide to hold your hand, you will be able to successfully embark on this adventurous journey. And that’s exactly what I do for my clients today! 

Partnering with you in developing your very own Creative Structure is my mission today.

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Client Stories

“Erwin is a thoughtful and experienced coach who helped me move forward and bring structure to my thoughts. I strongly recommend him if you are at a period in your life where you are experiencing changes and wanting to make sense of them.”

Anne-Lise Saint-Gerand
Leadership role in a global company

Germany/ France

Here's How We Can Work Together

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And get your business and life organized in a harmonious and creative way, so you can become inspired and empowered to focus on doing the work you LOVE!


Ready to invest in yourself?


Kickstart your journey in one of the most spectacular locations in the world, join like-minded entrepreneurs, and learn how to structure your business and life on this powerful coaching retreat.

Ready for your adventurous journey?

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Client Stories

“It has been a great experience working with Erwin as my Coach who supported me in my leadership challenges by building a good foundation of trust. It was empowering to be able to identify specific steps I could take to change my approach in my leadership and my life."

Dr. Tolga Hayali
Leadership, Career and Life Coach

New York, USA

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