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Client Stories

“I was fortunate to be coached by Erwin. To begin with he is a very inspiring person and full of love for people. You cannot help but feel his soothing energy while in his presence. My sessions with Erwin happened during a transitional and very emotionally charged period for me. The circumstance was related to my professional and personal life. Erwin was able to put me in a centered and receptive frame of mind almost instantly, regardless of how difficult of a day I had prior to the session.


I enjoyed that the coaching sessions had a two-way approach. Erwin checked in with me on how I felt and how I wanted to proceed and adjusted the session accordingly and still had a personal care about my overall goals. Erwin is  very receptive and intuitive. Our sessions were never the same and kept going deeper. They had a different tone every time. As an entrepreneur himself, he was able to guide me with the energy needed to plan actions and go through with my plans, or other times he encouraged me to show myself the self-acceptance and self-care I needed. 


Erwin has the competency to handle any circumstance and the emotional intelligence to sense an individual’s state of mind at the start of the session and guide them in the most gentle and caring way.


Thank you, Erwin”

Dina Kourouvani

Division Leader of Human Resources and Organisation Management

HROM consulting services PLANET SA , 

Athens - Greece

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“We met when I was in the process of change from 'no income project' to 'full time business'. Whole my life was rumbling since I just moved and started fresh in a new place. Just a moment before that I discovered my life purpose and was highly motivated to create a big change in life to follow my path. Didn’t know where and how to start tho. Erwins support played a huge role in this process. He set up a safe space for me to put all puzzles together. Thanks to him I was able to realese all tension coming from a new buisness pressure and follow my path as I wished from the beginning. He kept me focused. In the coaching process I was able to put together a new structure and set up steps to move forward in what I love the most. I created a change but Erwin was the rock behind me and I’m deeply grateful for that.”

Natalia Pinkowska
Life Coach & Yoga Teacher


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“Having Erwin as a coach is a gift—and a challenge—I give to myself


The coaching sessions are a gift because I know our conversations always help me to progress faster towards my goals. I welcome the opportunity to explore and brainstorm ideas with someone that is so innovative and forward-thinking. His experience as an entrepreneur and his coaching abilities bring great value to all our sessions. 


Coaching sessions can also be challenging at times, yet his steady and calm demeanor easily opens the doors to identifying limiting beliefs and exploring new perspectives.  Erwin’s coaching skills, life and business experience, and overall intellect always provides an opportunity for forward movement.

Whether a gift or a challenge, I am grateful to have access to his coaching skills as I work towards achieving my dreams.”

Lady Tinor 
Achievement Coach

Dare to Dream Coaching Services


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“I had the privilege to be coached by Erwin during my study at ICA. The depth of his listening  skills, the sharpness of his questions, and his ability to make you discover and transform what is behind your thoughts and emotions is a professional life-changing opportunity. I must acknowledge that as a coach I realized very quickly that Erwin was clearly not a standard coach. His business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset transpired in the curiosity he expressed and rapidly made me be confronted with newer, more positive perspectives than the one I had imagined. It is a transformative experience to be coached by a serial entrepreneur. I highly recommend Erwin as a business coach!”

Jean-Pierre Loizeau
Executive Coach

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“First I want to thank Erwin infinitely for his support, his sincerity, his wise and correct words every time we met and talked . . . Where he in some mystical way made me speak to myself and respond to myself and question myself and suddenly find the answer that I had searched for so much.

I can give a very clear example: I had an idea of ​​a project, the business of my life, my dream, and he invited me to visualize everything, the color of the walls, the decoration, the yoga classes, the type of people that I wanted to attend, etc ...

Today I already have my yoga studio that I had visualized as well as the people, the activities, everything.

Thank you very much, Erwin, for your help in my difficult times.”

Ingrid Johanson 
Yoga Instructor

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“Erwin is a thoughtful and experienced coach who helped me move forward and bring structure to my thoughts. I strongly recommend him if you are at a period in your life where you are experiencing changes and wanting to make sense of them.”

Anne-Lise Saint-Gerand
Leadership role in a global company

Germany/ France

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“Erwin’s coaching is characterized by his powerful listening skills and his calm and strong presence.

I am a chatty person, but in our coaching sessions, Erwin helped me go deep inside to dig out my innermost gifts and resources. I felt centred, empowered, and clear on what I need to do next. Thanks to his ability to hold the space for me, I had the chance to reflect what is meaningful for me and act from within instead of just reacting. Thank you Erwin for supporting me through an important chapter of my development.”

Dijana Kokai
Coach, Founder The Storychanger

Bali / Switzerland

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“Erwin is a generous, reliable, respectful, open-minded and positive person! By starting participate in a coaching program with Erwin, you will most probably get influenced with a lot of meaningful, helpful and life-changing insights, where you are the main character in the process, and Erwin will be your guide. That was my experience!

Erwin is a person who is present in the conversation, and he listens not because he has to but because he wants to, and that makes a huge difference. Erwin helped me see things from a different perspective and gave me a lot of new tools that helped me move on from feeling stuck in my life situation to being able to take a new step and get closer to my personal goals. The coaching sessions with Erwin were something I always looked forward to because I felt that I was making progress and learned to adapt and handle some difficult situations in my life very successfully. I have already recommended Erwin to a lot of my friends, and I hope they decide to contact him and join his coaching program too. 

Linnea Axelson

Booking Manager, Future Entrepreneur


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“I had sessions with Erwin a few months ago. His techniques allow your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained.

He had the power to listen deeply and ask questions that shaked and opened my views and understanding of who I am. He helped me find a better work-life balance. Thanks Erwin.”

Alessandra Rossini

Danmark/ Italy


“It has been a great experience working with Erwin as my Ccoach who supported me in my leadership challenges by building a good foundation of trust. It was empowering to be able to identify specific steps I could take to change my approach in my leadership and my life."

Dr. Tolga Hayali
Leadership, Career and Life Coach

New York, USA

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