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Hi, I’m Erwin.
Great to connect!

Solopreneurs work with me to learn how to structure their business and life harmoniously and creatively so that  they can become Inspired, Elevated, and Empowered to focus on doing the work they love.

I’m here to help you develop your personalized strategy, so that you can work with like-minded people, grow your business, and experience amazing travels and adventures doing something meaningful that you love.

You are a heart-based Solopreneur who loves to grow your business in-line with your passions, values, and beliefs, so you might also struggle with all your daily personal and professional commitments.

The truth is that you can have all the skills and desire to powerfully serve your clients, but unless you have a clear and simple strategy to effectively structure your business and life, the admin work will burn you out.

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Working together we will set all Your personal and professional commitments in a simple strategy, so that you can easier and faster free up time and energy to focus on what you love.


As a result you will develope your Ceative Structure. It is like a compass used in the mountains; it shows you the direction. However, you choose how to distribute your energy and time to make the distance.

So imagine you are:

  • having full control of all you personal and proffesional commitments

  • ​focusing on doing the work that you actually love in your business

  • having energy to develop your skills to better serve your clients

  • having enough time for you own wellbeing and to spend with your loved ones

  • traveling to amazing destinations and experiencing adventures while creating positive impact on the world around you.

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Are you ready to start your adventure ?

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Here is what you need to know about me

Working with me You will be asked questions that shift perspective, so you will be able to produce ingenious solutions to your complex environment. My clients say I am their “secret weapon.”

You might experience my independent style of thinking and unexpected way of communicating, often selective and purposeful with a minimalist approach.

You will be served with my creative, analytical, and curious mind that is constantly extracting systems and structures from the stories shared with me. It’s my natural talent. That’s why I'm a secret weapon after all.

And I walk my talk. Everything I share and coach I also test in my own life and make sure that it actually works.

Freedom of choice.
When I was 14 years old, I decided to become an entrepreneur and during my education I left my home country to continue studies above the arctic circle. I chose entrepreneurial life here in the arctic paradise of Lofoten Islands in northern Norway.

I draw from my experience in the tourism industry, where we have been creating 6 and 7 figure businesses by working with clients from more than 70 different countries over the past 15+ years. This is why I’m particularly skilled in working with non-native English speakers.

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As an expat serial entrepreneur I used to be constantly busy, overworked and stressed trying to meet all my daily personal and professional demands. I often did not have enough time or energy for what I scheduled on my own never-ending to-do list.

So when I got really overwhelmed I decided to put everything on hold and go somewhere far away from my current reality to redefine my own personal growth strategy.

I traveled to Himalaya and this extraordinary journey made me aware of that you need to partner up with a guide to achieve it faster and easier.

And this is what we can do for you.

My wife Agata and I, are passionate about personal development and traveling so we have created boutique hotel Lofoten Planet BaseCamp to host Coaching Retreat in Lofoten Islands. for open-minded people like you who want to consciously grow and evolve.

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Your results are up to your actions and I will support you on your journey, either One-on-One or during the Coaching Retreat.

That is why I also have formal education from International Coach Academy (ICA) with Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Certified Group Coach (CGC) credentials recognized by the ICF, the world’s largest and most-respected association of coaches. The Advanced Certified Coach Training Program (ACTP) is ICA's most elite training option.

What's most important, is that we will be focused on your results, 
but you will need to do the work, and it could be done faster and easier.

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Client Stories

“Erwin is a thoughtful and experienced coach who helped me move forward and bring structure to my thoughts. I strongly recommend him if you are at a period in your life where you are experiencing changes and wanting to make sense of them.”

Anne-Lise Saint-Gerand 
Leadership role in a global company

Germany/ France


Are you ready to partner up?

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